Twi'lek Bounty Hunter with a Score to Settle


Level 7
Twi’Lek (Female)
Scout (Tech Specialist)

Primary: Dexterity, Perception, Constitution
Secondary: Intelligence, Charisma, Willpower, Strength, Force

Destiny: ?
HP 45
FP -
Defense 14
Speed 14

Charisma 4 (Investigation) (Seduction) (Persuasion)
Constitution 1
Dexterity 4 (Acrobatics) (Stealth) (Jetpacks)
Force 0
Intelligence 4 (Mechanics) (Galactic Lore)
Perception 4 (Tracking)
Strength 1
Willpower 1

Thrown, Basic Melee, Pistols, Rifles


Tech Specialist Novice: Can make/ Install modifications

Scouting Novice: You can use the lay of the land to your advantage.
If you fail a Dexterity(Stealth) check you can re-roll it but must
keep the re-roll

Quick Reflexes Novice: You can prepare yourself for action in an
instant. Ready is a free action for you.

Quick Reflexes Journeyman: You can go prone or stand up as a free action

Contacts Novice and Journeyman

Scout Armour: No penalties from Light Armour on Speed or Init

Stunt Bonus: Disarm for 1 SP

Sniper Novice: +1 to shots at long range


Galactic Basic

75 Credits

Weapons and Armour
1 x Blaster Pistol (1D6+1 Damage)
1 x Blaster Rifle Heavy (Mods Sniper Switch and Bipod) (2D6+3 / 3D6+3)
1 x Battle Armour Light (Mods Cloaked) (Armour 4)
1 x Jet Pack Attachment
1 x Concealed Holsters (pistol)

1 x Long Range Comm Link
1 x Electro Bonoculars
4 x Binder Cuffs
10 x Ration Packs
3 x Audio Recorders
3 x Holo Recorders
2 x Fusion Lamps
1 x Tool Kit
1 x Security Kit
2 x Jet Pack Refuels


I grew up in the Caverns of Ryloth as a minor member of the Lai Clan. I lived in a simple hab unit with my mother, father and brother. It wasn’t much but it was home. My parents worked in one of the Clan’s machine shops that kept the Rhyll Spice mines running. My brother and I from a young age also were needed to help in the shops and worked on robots, machinery and making repairs.

My Father dreamed of moving us off planet and the harsh life on Ryloth. He saved and scrimped until he was able to pay for us to be able to take a job on an outbound Freighter. That’s when we ran into real problems. The Freighter was snagged by a bunch of Trandoshan Pirates. Apparently the captain had messed up for someone or owed someone a lot of money it wasn’t all that clear to me. Me and my family wound up as a bonus. I don’t like to talk about it much but long story short we were split up and sold on Nar’Shadaa as a Slaves.

I wound up mining an asteroid belt under the Osiris collective. Worst job in the galaxy, and if anyone tells you different give them an outdated void suit a hand drill and kick them out an airlock telling them to bring back a required quota of space rock from an unstable asteroid field. See how they feel after that. Either way unlike most the other slaves I had some skills that made me valuable, the ships captain sold me on to make a quick credit or two and I wound up in Mr Diang‘s employ. As I said anywhere was up from where I was so I can’t complain to much and eventually I wound up getting my freedom (and a massive medical debt) from helping shut down the Osiris groups mining op with Talon and Mr Diang.


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