Talon Zedek

A tall, well muscled, Miraluka. Most commonly seen in full combat armour


Talon Zedek
HP: 65
FP: 73
Credits: 550
Weapons: Martial arts, Lightsabers
Defense=10+(8 with saber)
Force strength: 17 (19 for sense, Light Saber Forms, control)

Cha 0
Con 3 (Stamina)
Dex 3 (Acrobatics)
force 7 (Sense), (Control), (Lightsaber forms), (Lightsaber)
Int 0
Per -1 (Force Sight)
St 4
Will 3

Class Features
Force training
Move light object
Search your feelings
Sense force

Gaurdian (novice)
Lightsaber defense (novice)
Force sensitive (novice)
Lightsaber style Sokan
Lightsaber style Juyo
Quick Reflexes (novice)

Force powers:
Vorskr’s Ferocity
Negate Energy
Battle Strike

Medium Jedi battle armour 7DR, -3 penalty, 0 slots, Mod: Vacuum seals
Lightsaber pike,
Long range comlink
Concealed holster
Binder cuffs
All temperature cloak
Ration pack x 3
Mesh tape


Talon was born on the Miraluka’s adopted homeworld of Alpheridies. To Eiieen and Tomas Zedek. His parents worked together as Sene Seekers who, as their role dictates, were dedicated to redeeming/live capturing Luka Sene who had fallen to the dark side of the force. From birth he was trained to touch the force as well as see it and showed a high degree of force sensitivity, It seemed likely he would follow his parents footsteps and study the force among the Luka Sene.

Both his parents had a great deal of respect for life and their role as Sene Seekers was embodied by their philosophy that no one was beyond redemption. Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished and whilst attempting to hunt down a tainted force using guest of the Luka Sene, they (and a number of officers from the Alpheridies security force) were killed. Talon was 4 years old.

Idolizing his parents as most young children do and talon aimed to follow in their footsteps, unfortunately during his quest to advance his education and join the Luka Sene he gained access to his parents personal records and saw the holo-footage captured of their last mission; they were slaughtered by the person they were trying to redeem as he feigned contrition. This, understandably, marked a turning point in Talon’s life. So at the age of 6 talon requested to be placed under the guardianship of the Jedi order.

A ferocious zeal was found in Talon’s heart, He sought to combat the darkside of the force and stand against those who would harm tender and kind souls like his parents.

He was assigned to dragon clan.

His head start among the Luka Sene meant near 2/3rds of his lessons were lacking in significant challenge; His area of struggle was lightsaber combat. This brought young Talon’s tenacity to the fore. Every unscheduled hour he had each day was spent with Battlemaster Cin Drallig who after being initially dismissive of the youths lack of skill and physical development tutored him in the Sokan style to help in the building Talon’s strength and agility before instruction the more traditional forms. At the unusually young age of 10 he entered The Apprentice Tournament, but won only one bout out of 32.

Whilst many of the Masters encouraged him to pursue other branches of study Talon continued to train, his priorities firmly set.

Battlemaster Drallig made the unconventional suggestion of adopting a saber pike as he suspected it’s mass and unwieldiness would help the young apprentice to improve his strength. Drallig’s wisdom proved valuable, with 6 months of intense training Talon moved from among the weakest in his class to a strong and skilled fighter…

Drallig, sensing untapped potential within the now skilled youth, and having developed a trust with the youngling; decided it was time to impart one of his most dangerous and valued lessons Juyo.

The Apprentice Tournament was a clean sweep with the focused ferocity and zeal of Juyo at his command landing three strikes on shii-cho wielding initiates was child’s play. This combined with the passing of his other initiate trials in years past marked Talon’s rise to padawan.

Apprenticed to Master Sora Bulq for a decade Talon continued to advance his skills as a padawan on numerous peace keeping missions around the galaxy at Bulqs side. Bulq continued his instruction in combat even teaching him some of the principles of the vapaad style he was developing with Mace Windu.

Talon passed into knighthood with little fan fare as he was replaced as Bulqs padawan by Galdos Stouff and was assigned primarily to ‘peacekeeping’ missions on outer rim planets.

Knight Zedek accompanied republic commandos during the relief force mission with the Grand Army of the Republic to The Battle of Geonosis and saw his former Master Bulq’s evacuation transport destroyed by separatist ground fire, leaving Bulq presumed dead.

6 weeks into the war Knight Zedek, much to his personal consternation at being moved away from the frontlines and his trusted clone commandos, accompanies a Jedi investigation team lead by Sentinel Vinct Solo to Nar Shaddaa.

Talon Zedek

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