Vict Solo

Human Jedi when not working on his speeder is found in the local


Race: Human Age 31 HP: 69 Destiny: ???
Class: Jedi Height 5’7 FP: 69 Speed: 14


Atribute Focuses
Char 3
Con 2
Dex 4 Piloting, Acrobatics
Force 6 Sense, Lightsabers, Alter, Control
Int 3
Per 3
Str 1
Wip 3 Courage, Wisdom


Talent Novice Skill Journeyman Skill Master Skill
Pilot +Int to max vehicle speed Add Force stat to Piloting rolls
Lightsaber Defense Use force for Defense
Jedi Sentinel Sense Dark side up to 100Km
Force Sensitive Use Force Points
Lightsaber Styles Ataru- use Dex for damage

Class Powers

Class Power Effect Target Number
Move Light Object Move a light object with the Force (Control) can do 1d6 Damage 9/13
Search Your Feelings Determine the short term outcome of your results 13
Sense Force Detect Disturbances in the force. Range depending on emotional connection and scale of event May make a Force test to find the direction and distance 13
Force Powers
Force Power Cost Target Number Effect & Damage Contested by
Surge 1-3 9 Increase your move and jump proportionally to the points spent on Surge N/A
Mind Trick 3 9 If a target fails may alter the mind of the target Willpower (Self-discipline)
Inertia 1 13 Use the force to perform impossible stunts. Can be combined with surge N/A
Force Power Cost Target Number Effect & Damage Contested by
Circle of Shelter 3 12 Increase defense of you and adjacent allies by your force rating N/A
Hawk Bat Swoop 2/1 13 Move up to your force and attack an adjacent enemy. If successful move away up to your force N/A
Force Track 2 13 You determin the path taken by a creature you designate. for 24 hours if they fail 1 hour if they pass. Must have been in that location in the last 24 hours Willpower (wisdom)


Gear Description Effect Cost
Light Jedi battle Armour Armour of a Jedi during the war +4 / -1 8000
Lightsaber (adept hilt) Weapon of a Jedi 2d6+1 damage 3000
Long Range Vid Coms long range video communication device Talk n see over long distances 500
Pocket Scrambler Can scramble any device attached to it incresae TN to slice in to the comunication? 400
All temperature cloak Standard all weather gear for a jedi +5 Constitution (Stamina) against extremes of heat and cold 100
Utility Belt Storage belt for wide variety of things ?? 500
Concealed Lightsaber Holster Useful for hiding a lightsaber when wanting to look inconspicuous Make it harder to detect your lightsaber? 50
Corrilian Clothing Useful for blending in look like a normal member of the galaxy ???


Ship Type Speed HP Mods Cost
Swoop Bike 16 20 Enhanced Power Supply (+4 Str), Shields (5), Armour (4) 5000

Having spend so little time on Correlia before being discovered as a force sensitive Vict Solo grew up not knowing much of his home or family. This did not matter however because his new family in the Bergruufta clan of the in the Jedi temple was all that mattered.

When the time came for being selected as a Jedi Padawan he was chosen relatively quickly. There were others who worried about selection and being placed in one of the Jedi corps however Vict knew the force would take him where he was needed. This was seen by the then Jedi Master and this willingness to trust in the force sealed his places as the masters Padawan learner.

During his time as a Padawan Vict seldom returned to the temple on Courasaunt. His master preferring to instill the belief a Jedi’s work is never finished. Once you have finished in one place the force will take you where you need to be. This was supplemented by constant training in skills outside of the normal Jedi skill set. Having had a run in with a nasty pirating crew who drugged him and his master suppressing their connection to the force powers demonstrated the need to not rely on them as a crutch.

After passing the trials of knighthood he was welcomed in to the ranks of the Jedi Sentinels surprising most in not taking the route of a guardian and that of a Jedi fighter pilot. It was not long after becoming a knight that he felt the call to teaching. It was however not destined to be for long.

Taking on the Duros padawan Aklee Taa after she demonstrated the briliant idea of breaking in to his chambers to get the keys to his speeder. Trusting in the Force to bringing them together for a reason after the council accepted there pairing they ventured in to the outer rim. They had been paired for less than 6 months before the cracks began to show. At the end of the first year there was a lack of trust where there should have been understanding. From Vict’s side Aklee refused to show the needed patience, restraint, and compassion. Vict also wasn’t always taking in to her accounts needs as a pupil. This continued until her rage the got the better of her whilst taking down a group of slavers. None survived her wrath. Whilst waiting for passage back to the nearest praxium ship for discussion on her now uncertain future Aklee just vanished.

Vict dedicated the next 2 years of his life looking for his lost padawan but has yet to find her. During his search he has further embraced the mentality of a sentinel and the need to not be seen as a Jedi at all times. This willingness to use other methods than usual Jedi has left him with more friends in many different circles but few in the temple. More than a few times he was called before the council with only his masters word and those who knew him still vouching for his commitment to the order.

It was for this reason Master Yoda and Master Fisto decided to bring him in to assist with the current investigation when the war began. Who better to help lead an investigation in to shadow fallen over the republic than one so often whispered to have strayed to close to the dark.

Vict Solo

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