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A greeting from JN-66 BT4

Greetings Intrepid Seeker of Knowledge! Your access attempt has been noted and approved: welcome, authorised user of the subject-limited Jedi Archives.

Within these entries you will find a wealth of information on the planets, peoples and events of the galaxy, with a particular focus on the duties and exploits of the Jedi Order.

A note on dates

All of the dates in this record are noted according to the Great ReSynchronization as set out by the Republic Measures and standards Bureau.

Dates using the ReSynchronization are written in the following format:

[ Year ]:[ Month ]:[ Day ]

ex. 13:5:21

Dates after ReSynchronization did not include trailing characters. Dates occurring before the ReSynchronization were followed by “BrS”, for Before ReSynchonization:

ex. 4,965 BrS


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Main Page

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